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 /me sings *MEMEMEME* ahem

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PostSubject: /me sings *MEMEMEME* ahem   Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:20 pm

Ok so, I am LadyPegasus, or Peg. I am a regular that inhabited both rooms until the merger, so most of you should know me by now.
I am living with my bf I love you Bowshooter51ga, aka Bow. king
We have 3 fur babies between us, sort of a blended family: two dogs, Sinful Dreams aka Sin (HUGE black lab) that I have had since he was weaned in July of 2008. Bow has Scout, a border collie / unk mixed pup and Stella a calico kitty. He also has 4 VERY noisy parakeets.
We like fishing, archery, movies, music and other stuff. How we got together <3 is a kind of a cool story if you are interested, hit me up!

I am a weird woman and can be a little crude at times but no worries, I am harmless! Well, unless you try to hurt my family which includes my friends (on and offline)... then I am a Mama Bear!

I am short, fat, old and ugly and DAMN proud of it all! elephant

I tend to use a lot of chat anachronisms and that sometimes throws people but it is all just good fun. cheers

I hate drama Evil or Very Mad especially in these rooms (C'mon it's just a chat room for fate's sake Rolling Eyes ) and I am not here to be anyone's enemy, but start shit and I WILL finish it Twisted Evil . I am generally easy going and let a ton of stupid shit roll off my back but I am still human and once in a while something does get to me. If it comes to that plz do not hold a grudge, I am glad to talk it out in private and, if nothing else, agree to disagree and move on. Neutral

I am disabled and dealing with worsening chronic pain but I laugh and it makes it better. If I start to b1tch about my pain, please derail me lol I am ADD/H bounce and can get stuck in the Pity Party Room and I hate it there! Razz If I cold find a way to heal and return to work I would gladly do so! I am a perfect example of beware what you wish for... I had often wished I could stay home and not have to work.... I CALL DO OVERS! *waits while nothing happens*. Sleep

Other than that I am a writer, sorta published. I write poems, lyrics and short stories with a couple of novels in the works. If you want me to write something for you, feel free to ask. I am known to be able to write on an any subject in almost any genre or form. queen
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PostSubject: Re: /me sings *MEMEMEME* ahem   Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:12 pm

Thanks for the info...nice to know more about you Smile
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/me sings *MEMEMEME* ahem
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